Specializing in short term counseling for long term issues.

I work with individuals who want self- understanding and more.

Are you looking:

  • To lighten your emotional load; whether it is from your inner critic, confusion, frustration, defeat?
  • To experience peace of mind or freedom from guilt or confusion?
  • For tools that will support a wholesome loving relationship with yourself and your loved ones?
  • For tools that will give relief from your inner critic; self sabotage, self-doubt, and negative self talk?

Do you want:

  • To discover your purpose?
  • To feel alive again, to connect to  your passion?
  • To feel self-confident,  inner directed, and trust that you are on the right path?
  • Consistent quality connections with those you love?
  • Are you looking for a greater understanding of what being on a spiritual path really means

If you are feeling buried in the drama of life around you, or are feeling overwhelmed, over worked, buried by life’s pressures, there is a door way into your peace of mind and I can help you.

As a licensed psychotherapist, I am knowledgeable in traditional therapy modalities. I am also skilled at non-traditional methods of getting to the core of important / foundational issues that keep unwanted repeated patterns in place. It is not uncommon, after a few sessions with me, you will experience a new clarity and/or major relief.  Behind your new awareness’s peace, balance and a greater sense of accomplishment arise.

I started in private practice in 1983.  While I have not been in private practice all those years, I have devoted those years searching for tools and developing skills that would move my clients easily to a greater sense of connection to their inner peace which then provides relief and ultimately contentment within the ups and downs of life.

I practice what I preach, and I am skillful in working with clients who are experiencing anxiety, tough transitions, relationship issues, and other unwanted emotions such as anger and depression.

I am also skillful at helping my clients get in touch and rewrite deeply held unconscious thought, beliefs, emotions that block them from achieving their goals and dreams.

Regardless of your age, religious orientation, or marital status, I can help.  I work with ages 10 to 90. I also do couples work.

Please review the testimonials. Feel free to call me for a free consultation.