Energy Work

Disclosure:  Energy work is not Psychotherapy. While my work as an energy healer has clearly supported the work of psychotherapy in my practice, I am bound by the Board of Behavioral Science to let you know that it is not recognized as therapy.

Why choose energy work?

The biggest reason is that it addresses emotional pain patterns in the most efficient and effect way. 

In the bigger picture you might:

  • Choose energy work to experience what it feels like to know that there is a peace and harmony, (balance) within the world and you are a part of that. It is yours regardless of the terrain; the job, the relationship or any other situation. 
  • Choose energy work because yes, you want to solve the personal problem that is keeping you from peace of mind, but also work with a bigger picture of lasting change.   
  • Choose energy work because you are willing to let go of everything you think you know (those old belief and emotional patterns that have defined you) in favor of what your inner wisdom actually does knows and wants you to consciously know and live by.  

What is it?

Energy work, the term, is used for a broad spectrum of tools or modalities that people use to heal personal issues. It has been defined in a variety of ways.  One of my favorite resources for the definition is Dr. Richard Gerber’s, A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine. He says, “In the energetic model of medicine, spirit is seen as the motivating force that animates the physical form….  In the vibrational-medicine model it is the Beingness in our spirit and its experiential journey through the physical world that creates a real adventure and mystery in a person’s life.”

What is my work as an energy healer?

Think of energy work as going to the source of your energetic misalignment and giving yourself an opportunity to realignMy job is to assist you in connecting more consciously to your own already existing wisdom. I can guide you to heal and know your own innate wholeness.  This means addressing patterns of thought, belief’s, obsolete defense mechanisms that no longer serve you. Some of the ways I address this are not recognized as traditional psychotherapy techniques.  I, however, have found them very effective, so I use them in conjunction with understanding and support. 

 What is the difference between psychotherapy and energy work?

In my opinion, the biggest difference between traditional psychotherapy and energy work is that they each have a different frame of reference. Psychotherapy is closely tied to the traditional medical model. Modern medicine views the body in parts versus as a whole.  So for example if you have emotional problems then the focus is on the brain, brain chemistry and thought processes. Treatment involves understanding and practical tools that can be behavioral or medicinal. 

The energy work model is derived from a variety of sources and goes back to very early times. Eastern Medicine and or Shamanic Healing give us the best insights.  Energy work is a whole body experience. It focus is to connect you to your Self, learning to trust your inner wisdom. This is the goal and it goes beyond understanding and tools.  Your spirit and its accompanying inner wisdom can be overlooked in the traditional model.

What can you expect when you work with me?  

I work in person or over the phone; both are equally effective.  I use a variety of tools including Guided Imagery, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, Emotional Release, and Rudy Hunter’s Activated Space Healing.  My ability to deeply listen on many levels, right brain and left allows me to work with your greatest need and your unconscious mind, to assist in providing release toward a greater sense of well-being and practical change in your everyday life. 

Sometime we talk and sometimes talking in minimal. Every session is unique to your personal needs.

Philosophically, I think of life as a backpacking trip.  You and I are simply traveling the terrain of life. You never know what the terrain will challenge you with. If you are carrying the right supplies (beliefs and behaviors) you will succeed, with confidence knowing peacefully that your skill, inner wisdom, and life itself is on your side and in your pack. Your greatest tool is your wisdom.   Your wisdom aligns with natural law and teaches you a point of view that furthers the experience of not only peace and harmony in the world, but also your material successes.

You have the power to consciously choose to partner with your inner wisdom; to purposefully go after this experience of sustainable peace. I am simply facilitating this.

How I got here?

In a nut shell, for years, I woke every morning with a mid-level anxiety. Regardless of my education and therapy learning to manage it seem to be the best option. One day in 1991 after a series of sessions with a gifted healer of energy work I woke up with no anxiety to manage; a minor miracle! That has continued to this day. I realized shortly after that I really could live in peace, harmony, and joy day to day.  I just needed to know more. Discovering more about this process became my purpose.

My work has evolved as a product of my personal experiences. I welcome any further questions you may have.  I have also provided other resources on my resource page and through Ruth’s Wisdom’s.  I welcome your feedback.

How does energy work support these choices?

In my experience, energy work goes deeper than the conscious or even unconscious mind.  It taps into the invisible creative forces of life with the intention of partnering with your essence. This essence that is your personal life force, this creative force acts through your direct intention and on your behalf to bring out the best in you and then automatically help to bring into reality what is next for you.  I define “the best” as your gifts, talents that are uniquely yours that contribute to the meaning and quality that you bring to your life.

Think about nature; really seriously think about the unstoppable creative force of nature; this nature that is all around you; that is constantly growing, adapting, thriving and balancing.  You are an evolutionary child of that life force.  That life force lives in you and can be consciously partnered with to provide you with not only a new experience but also what your heart desires in terms of material success.  A great resource for more information on this topic is Carter Phipps’, Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea 

Letting go of the old is important, but realigning with what works, looking with new eyes through the lens of natural law is critical! Energy work is about both of these.

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