My Practice

My Passion It is to provide tools & support to you, to assist you into growing into a Whole Hearted, Joyfully Spirited Human Being!

Ask yourself:  “What would my life be like if my enthusiasm and energy was present in everything I am and do in my life… including my work or profession?

Let me tell you what I mean:

Wholeheartedness:  to be fully or completely sincere, enthusiastic, energetic; to be fully present.

Spirit: derived from 13th Century Latin, Spirare, meaning the activating or Essential Principle influencing a person.

Think about those definitions. To be fully present to your enthusiasm and energy is to experience health and well-being. Further, we know that your Essential Principle is uniquely yours. Some might call this your Spirit.

So ask yourself again: “What would my life be like if my Spirit (enthusiasm and energy) was integrated into everything I am and do in my life… including my work or profession?”

I believe that wrapped into the motivation of our daily living, we are looking to experience our Essence in our own enthusiastic, energetic, whole hearted way. Illness and emotional turmoil are signs that our Essence has been stifled.  That yearning to experience all of who you really are, to be healthy and feel alive, to know that your life means something is the Journey of your Heart!  A Journey of learning to live in the present moment; to trust the messages of your Heart in every aspect of your day; to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

In my practice, regardless of the “problem or illness” being addressed, healing occurs through assistance in having a new experience, growing into that Essential Principle that is uniquely you in a new and more fulfilling way!  I use my intuitive gifts, a safe environment, and your heart’s desire to step you into an experience of your Essence; a place where you can heal, and move forward with new energy and enthusiasm.  This is also referred to as state of expanded self awareness.

Unfortunately, life can beat us down. We lose hope and can’t imagine that our life could be better…. could be more…. could be easily changed. We even succumb to illness and can’t find a doctor to heal us. This usually reflects our unconscious fear of change. Most of us say we want change but don’t realize our unconscious fear of a new experience.  Because the fear is unconscious it shows up in the form of excuses, blame, illness, constant frustration; any number of negative experiences.  Sometimes it is in hitting “bottom” the we having the courage to say NO MORE… I am now willing to risk facing my fear or unconscious beliefs so that I can have a better life.  Sometimes we just decide that “life is supposed to better than this!”, and we say NO MORE!

When I work with my clients, while they may be a bit shy at first or nervous, they soon realize that there is nothing to fear.  The miracles that we create together do not occur through dialog of the traditional sort.  I work with metaphor (pictures) and beliefs. We side step the fears of the unconscious mind, and engage it’s cooperation. My Practice has evolved over the years as my personal Journey has unfolded.  While I do provide ongoing coaching, the way I coach is unique. What I experience today with all my clients and friends that share this Journey is nothing short of extra- ordinary. I am so excited to be sharing this with you.  Please read the Testimonials. Whether you know it or not… what you think about, what you wish for, what you believe possible all affects what you experience in your life; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  Yes, most of these thoughts, wishes and beliefs are not conscious. They are unconscious, and unfortunately we believe “not easily accessible.” I have to tell you that at one time “not easily accessible” might have been true, but not any more.  We have the technology and understanding to access these unconscious blocks, beliefs, fears. You can experience life the way it was intended; with meaning, direction, abundance, joy, harmony and peace.

Quantum Physics is on the verge of giving Medical Science and Psychology challenging new ideas that are forcing science in general to re-look at age old principles.  These new principles are expanding our ideas of who we really are, what we are made up of and what is really possible in the “realm of possibility”. My (Our) work takes place in this “realm of possibility”. Quantum Physics tells us that you are a unique pattern of energy. Energy can not be created or destroyed; a law of thermodynamics. Therefore, by mutual agreement, we work to clear a specific obstacle or experience you are having, by transforming this obstacle (energy) to work on your behalf.  We enter into the “present moment” in which this obstacle presents itself in a non threatening form. (I see this form as a picture.) Together we work with your conscious mind to understand, transform and reshape these pictures (unconscious energy) to work for you versus against you.   It is just that simple! 

Ultimately, we are working to integrate the “All” of who you.  Integration is what the Heart desires. ThetaHealing and Matrix Energetics are an integral part of my work.  I am a Certified Practitioner of both. These are healing modalities, one is based on Science, the other based on Faith. I have integrated them with my experience in working with people, the development of my intuitive gifts. This combination gives me the flexibility to work with all beliefs. It allow me to be with you in the present moment, allow the desires of your Heart to come forward, and provide the environment for your highest and best good to manifest. My promise is to be fully present, and witness the change that occurs. At times, your Heart’s desire comes forward and the problem is solved!  Other times, a change will occur, but it is a Journey to a deeper change you are seeking.  Your Spirit, and/or unconscious controls the rate at which you grow. This is a good thing, and it can be addressed if you are not making the progress you desire.   For me, to witness any change is an honor and a privilege.  Please feel free to call  or email me with your questions. I will be happy to answer. My Fees are posted on my Services page. Please Call –  925-828-8470