About Me

A spiritually oriented Life Coach, Intuitive Therapist & Energetic Healer

I am a lifelong seeker of practical tools that can create lasting and profound personal results.

My personal and professional experience tells me that stress patterns are anchored in the unconscious, hide in our nervous systems and are visible through our individual survival patterns. These patterns are played out and reinforced by our thoughts, emotions and personalities. If you truly want a new experience, new healthy mind and patterns, you must address the whole body/mind/spirit continuum.

My Personal Philosopy

My Story

I grew up in the Midwest. My parents were the salt of the earth, Catholic and farm-raised. They had no idea that the car accident that sent me at the age of 3 into a children’s ward of the hospital for 10 days and then to foster care for another two months would leave an indelible mark on my nervous system and challenge my ability to trust in relationships.

I diagnosed myself in graduate school. I realized I had been living with a moderate fear/anxiety level my whole life . This new awareness sent me on the quest to heal myself. In those days, after my degree I received training in Gestalt Therapy and Bio-Energetics. I experienced Rolfing and became an active Path Work member.

These experiences sent me on a deeper journey.

I have more than 30 years of experience in helping people. During that time I have also done my own personal work and deep exploration. I know that understanding is important. It does not, however, break long held emotional patterns (also viewed as nervous system patterns) or bring relief from our mind’s incessant chatter.

Understanding is simply step one.

Client Testimonials

“Ruth facilitated an amazing process with me where we created my future with my ‘deepest heart’s yearning’ for partnership. Her mastery and intuitive correctness is amazing. She is gentle and deeply knowing at what she does. I recommend this process of creating your future with Ruth around any subject. I feel so incredible, hopeful, beautiful and grateful. Thank you Ruth, you are truly a blessing to those you touch.”


“Whether you are working with a specific area of your life such as career, family, relationships, health or you just wish to open up to what is next on your path, Ruth’s amazing gift of pure presence, awareness and deep understanding will bring light to any situation and open the door for opportunities and miracles.”

Mariko Yamamoto, CFS, MPIA, CSC

Senior Feng Shui Consultant, Master Practitioner Interior Alignment & Certified Soul Coach

I Can Help You

If you are a person who wants more than understanding, you want relief from mental emotional patterns, then I am here to help. I am a practitioner who lives my work. I am excited to share with you the tools that have helped me and many others in the years I have been in practice. It would be my honor to assist you.

If you are feeling frustrated & buried:

  • With the inability to see a clear path out of the drama and overwhelming emotions
  • By feelings of being overworked and underappreciated
  • In confusion with no easy answers about what is most important to you
  • By the experience of being stuck and not knowing how to motivate yourself to move forward

The answers that you seek are inside of you:

  • I am simply a gentle guide, and energetic healer so that you feel safe to let go of the patterns that drive you
  • I can teach you new ways of perceiving, and being with yourself, that lead to fulfillment and contentment with where you are in your life today
  • I encourage you to be courageous, let go, and find that something more in your life that you are seeking

All humans face challenges, we all suffer loss, guilt, shame, fear and the list go on. You, however, can live a confident and happy life, and have the power to face your most profound problems. I know this from personal experience. If you face friction and stress in relationships, suffer with self-blame, guilt, loss of unfulfilled promises to yourself; seek that guidance you deserve and take control of your life.