Is Your Life Giving Life to You?

Wellness in the context of Being versus doing, there is much to be said. So much of our early programming for success is focused on the doing. I thought I would focus a bit on the Beingness of Life in my blog in this season of Life blooming all around us.

Is your life giving Life to you?

“You are comprised of 84 minerals, 23 elements, and 8 gallons of water spread across 38 trillion cells.You have been built up from nothing by the spare parts of the Earth you have consumed, according to a set of instructions hidden in a double helix and small enough to be carried by a sperm. You are recycled butterflies, plants, rocks, streams, firewood, wolf fur, and shark teeth, broken down to their smallest parts and rebuilt into our planet’s most complex living thing. You are not living on Earth. You are Earth.” ― Aubrey Marcus

I love this quote as a reminder of where we all come from. And, yes, the above is true and important to acknowledge. Yet, what if there is something more?

Maybe you have read my blog from quite awhile back—“What is in Your backpack?”

I likened our travels on the planet to a backpacking journey, where your physical body is the backpack—what shows up in your life day to day is the terrain and the Spirit of who you are, that animates you until you leave your shell behind, is the “real” you. In my thinking, our Spirit has a lot to handle.

Your physical form (the backpack) carries a tremendous amount of programmed information. It is a bit like artificial intelligence; it has a mind of its own, an operating system that sometimes goes awry and needs to be cared for in many ways by the “real” you.

It comes already programmed with potential and genes/DNA that can respond to the environment and then receives the cultural programs given to you as well. It’s program is all about surviving.

For most people, the physical form that holds our beliefs, feelings, thoughts, sensations, etc., dictates our state of Being. But, what if there is something more?

When I think of that something more, I think of Awareness versus awareness.

The Spirit of you—that is the one in you that is aware of your stressors, your food intake, your programs, and, yes, your sense of peace within—interacts with (your backpack) these unconscious and conscious programs.

What is this capitalized “Awareness”?

Here I am speaking about an accepting, peace-filled compassionate, patient, non-judgmental Awareness that lives within you and has to be acknowledged and nurtured by you. It requires developing your own inner Voice of unconditional acceptance.

Example—For starters, instead of beating yourself up mentally you can cultivate a more detached perception of “Wow, this is interesting” or “Wow, my physical body is having a strong reaction to this right now.”

By choosing to cultivate and experience this Voice—versus defaulting to the voice of judgement—it will develop. It will then become a part of the sensory systems of your physical body’s operating system, beyond what is already there. This Voice comes from within you, your willingness and desire to know this part of you, your neutral, peace-filled Aware loving Spirit.

Some of you may call this God, or Source, or Nature—either way it still is known and developed through your senses in your physical form. It goes beyond the mind and concepts and it is felt from the heart.

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It becomes a re-programing from the ways we are closed and judgmental to Being willing to use our physical form to experience a higher purpose knowing a greater peace, in spite of the physical / emotional biochemical emotional ups and downs programs we are used to identifying with.

Consider this…

How does your use of your Awareness/awareness contribute to your state of Being?

In my philosophical world, this greater Awareness is both an intrinsic part of you and is inseparable from Life.

This peaceful Awareness is the Intelligence of Life unfolding. Life giving Life to You.

In his research on synchronicities, Carl Jung ties these invisible and powerful urges and creative forces into the very physics of all of life being intrinsically connected in all ways. He holds this connectedness as a part of the cosmos and suggests that it can be viewed through astrology. He shares this in his book Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle.

I also recently watched a wonderful docuseries called “The Changing of the Gods.”  This series brilliantly and clearly tied astrology to all the human revolutions throughout history. It is true—all of life is connected.

We humans are the most intelligent life form to date in the evolution of life. We are birthed through the millenniums and beyond our current understanding. We have evolved, and continue too evolve, in ways we cannot yet comprehend—and, we are trying.

If you assume that you are this product of Life giving Life to Life, life evolving, or consciousness wanting to know itself as aware of itself, then your purposeful connection to this greater Beingness / Awareness matters.

Where you stand within your personal Awareness/awareness, where you go to rest inside by your personal choices—non-judgmental Awareness versus judgmental awareness—matters.

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One is sourced through your Spirit and curiosity, this divine peace-filled consciousness working with you and within you. The other is sourced by your backpack if you will—your physical form, your deeply help programs and beliefs. That is the survival-based operating system that thinks that sitting in judgment of all things will ensure your very survival.

Okay, back to the original question—what does it mean to connect to your Being-ness?

Let’s Look at Being versus Doing

Doing in life is practical, externally focused, material and very often defines our sense of self.

What do I do for a living? How do I see myself relating and interacting in the world? What I am doing is also often seen and evaluated by ourselves and others.

Being speaks to inner experienced qualities of life.

Am I Being strong, centered, grounded, anxious, overwhelmed? Where do I go to rest in my body and my Being when life goes quiet?

I think states of Being are foundational, they are grounded in your core sense of deeper purpose. Why am I here?

Both doing and being are derived from values, beliefs, philosophies. Doing is the end product. My state of Being, where I am coming from while I am “doing” is the Being part.

Am I looking for approval? Am I working for survival? Am I trusting that I can thrive as I follow my inner Voice?

Example—if I value financial security and providing a legacy of security more than my health, my health will take second fiddle to my accumulation of wealth.

This will dictate day-to-day where I go internally to evaluate how I am doing. It will dictate how and where I set boundaries.

If I value peace of mind more than pleasing others than my focus for evaluation will be where was my peace today? Who did I give my power to?

“What you focus on you create more of.”

Tending to your Beingness is, in my humble opinion, choosing to embody and Be a part of this unfolding Divine Intelligence. It means choosing, asking to know and act from this higher, neutral, peace-filled consciousness.

I am not talking about toward others, but, most importantly, toward yourself.

Once you experience this embodied and more automatic compassionate internal reaction toward yourself, treating others similarly is a natural and easy out flow.

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Ultimately, you are choosing to develop a state of Beingness that is Aware, neutral, and open to all of life, regardless of how it looks, feels, or turns out. It requires a humility, a letting go, and a trust that life has your back. It requires acceptance without necessarily approving. It requires allowing and letting understanding follow. And, yes, it does require making tough decision for your core well-Being versus doing.

Okay, so now, if you are like me, you are probably going that is nice, but not really doable. Maybe I have even scared you off! AAAHHHH!

Yes, it can seem daunting, but I am telling you it is the journey you are on whether you agree or like it. You cannot escape it. It is in the bigger picture of evolution that man shall actively evolve to bring this greater Awareness / consciousness / connection to life. It is unfolding both within you and on the world stage as we all pray for peace in our own way. Your Awareness development is the next great frontier.

“Living Peace is the highest form of prayer.”

Think about that! You can only resist this evolution or actively Be a part of it. Stay in judgment and continue to suffer, regardless of how your mind may argue otherwise or choose this path you are actively Being called to.

The populations of the world are calling for peace daily in greater ways than even before.

One more thing—if you want to know a first step, take a look at my blog post on “Imagination Curiosity and Infinite Possibilities”.

Another couple of resources that I love for quieting and reprogramming the survival mind are The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle.

Wishing for you a growing sense of internal peace and well-Being.