Video Library

Would you like to take a deeper dive into some of the Masters that have educated me? These videos, for you to consider, will give you a taste of some of the ideas, self-supporting beliefs, and “how to” tools that are available to you, to support you on your journey toward well-being.

Brene Brown

Embracing Vulnerability

Brene Brown is both fun and funny! This short five minute video gives you a new way to find your inner strength. Be willing to take a new look at your view of
vulnerability and empathy; it is worth it.

Brene Brown

The Power of Vulnerability

Do you want to dig deeper into finding meaning and connection in your life ? Brene Brown is articulate, authentic, and very well researched. Give her 20
minutes of your time. You won’t regret it. She makes it safe to look at yourself.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Most Powerful Strategy To Reprogram Your Mind!

Michael Bernard Beckwith

The Power of Practicing Gratitude

Byron Katie

Question Your Thoughts

Little Shaman

An Expert in Narcissism and Co-Dependence

Lynne McTaggert

Heal Your Stress and Uncertainty with The Power of Intention

Craig Hamilton

How to Practice Being Awake Right Now

Caroline Myss &
Andrew Harvey

A Mystical Spring and Christ Consciousness

Matt Kahn

Exploring Your Divinity

Pam Gregory

Astrology and the State of the World

Susan Giesemann

Life After Death