Work With Me

Life Coach ☙ Intuitive Psychotherapist ☙ Energetic Healer

You are likely experiencing some type of pain or desire.
You are also curious, and open to new ideas. You want more; to be more; to know more.
I am curious, non-judgmental and open to exploring You, with you.
Work with me. It can be an adventure and will bring relief.


Coaches provide tools, that is important. I am also always looking beyond the tools and into your perspectives, the inner dialogue that need to be acquired for your desired goals to be attained.


As a therapist, my passion is to assist you to create a diligent appetite for non-judgmental self-awareness. This type of loving self-awareness heals!


With your permission, we look beneath the surface of your conscious mind’s defenses. Life happens in the invisible first. Healing the invisible brings love and connection.

Client Testimonials

“I wanted to thank you again for our session on Saturday. I feel that it helped me out in many ways, and I’ve been in a new skin ever since. Some of the changes, however, have been so profound, and only in the last 24 hours – that it’s been dramatic to say the least. Thank you for giving me the incite to follow my gut and let go of how I used to measure relationships in the past.”


“Ruth makes everyone feel heard and understood. Her ability to read between the lines to understand where a person is coming from is phenomenal. She also has a keen ability to teach people to look within themselves for answers, not to the world around them. She has helped me realize things about myself that I never knew existed or possible.”


I Can Help You

If you are a person who wants more than understanding, you want relief from mental emotional patterns, then I am here to help. I am a practitioner who lives my work. I am excited to share with you the tools that have helped me and many others in the years I have been in practice. It would be my honor to assist you.

If you are feeling frustrated & buried:

  • With the inability to see a clear path out of the drama and overwhelming emotions
  • By feelings of being overworked and underappreciated
  • In confusion with no easy answers about what is most important to you
  • By the experience of being stuck and not knowing how to motivate yourself to move forward

The answers that you seek are inside of you:

  • I am simply a gentle guide, and energetic healer so that you feel safe to let go of the patterns that drive you
  • I can teach you new ways of perceiving, and being with yourself, that lead to fulfillment and contentment with where you are in your life today
  • I encourage you to be courageous, let go, and find that something more in your life that you are seeking

All humans face challenges, we all suffer loss, guilt, shame, fear and the list go on. You, however, can live a confident and happy life, and have the power to face your most profound problems. I know this from personal experience. If you face friction and stress in relationships, suffer with self-blame, guilt, loss of unfulfilled promises to yourself; seek that guidance you deserve and take control of your life.


One on one work by phone or FaceTime or Zoom. I will work with couples under certain circumstances.

My hours are Tuesday at 11 a.m. through Friday at 1:30 p.m. I provide evening hours and take my last appointment at 5:30 or 6 PST.

I charge by time used. How often we work together we can decide together. With our fast paced lives, I work weekly or bi-monthly. I also do single individual healing sessions for a particular situation.

I require payment up front and take PayPal, Venmo, or Square.

I will provide an invoice at the end of the month for your insurance company, at your request. For most insurance companies I am considered a non-preferred provider. You can check with your insurer regarding reimbursement.


My fees for coaching, intuitive therapy and energy work are as follows:

60 minutes: $150
75 minutes: $175
90 minutes: $200

There is an additional $25 added for each additional 15 minutes. Add $5 if you are using your credit card.

Pay with Paypal