Why Choose Intuitive Psychotherapy?

Intuition is the ability to experience heightened awareness, or subtle energies. This capacity allows our work together to get you beyond understanding, it allows you to connect to the secrets you keep from yourself, things you have forgotten or didn’t know you knew.

Know Yourself Deeply

You have the courage and the desire to know yourself more deeply.

Achieve Personal & Professional Success

You want to permanently break unwanted patterns, create a life of resilience and personal/professional success.

Medication Support

You may want support around medication and how to use it.

While coaching addresses the practical elements of life, therapy addresses the profound or what I consider to be the invisible, unconscious patterns.
  • In the models of psychotherapy that I work from, you as a client are seen as whole and complete. I know that you have your answers inside of you for you, even if you don’t think so. There is no judgement in our exploration.

  • As humans we are on a journey, life is a work in progress, and you have the ability to evolve. There is a wholeness within you that addresses a very broad sense of spirituality as in “body/mind/spirit.”

  • We, as therapists, are all taught to diagnose, deeply listen, and provide insight into your defense mechanisms of control that no longer serve you.

  • As an intuitive – spiritually based therapist, I further assist you to understand and clear the distortions, beliefs, ways of thinking and behaving that keep you stuck in repeated patterns (defense mechanisms) that are not life giving.

  • I work with you to let go, deeply let go, experience a new way of thinking and being with yourself. This allows you to more easily find the balance and quality of health you are looking for.

The “wholeness” based model encourage the letting go of old ways of thinking and being that no longer serve you; ultimately it provides a context to permanently release the emotional components of trauma memories, breaking the patterns of control that keep you from knowing your True Self. It might be thought of as layering off an onion to find the treasure that is You inside.

Working through uncomfortable emotions is my specialty, grieving, loss, sadness, a sense of being trapped, alone, insignificant, undeserving…and the list goes on.

  • Based on my own journey of discovery, I can tell you the treasure is a lot less chatter in my mind, a deep knowing that I am not that chatter, or the worry, or any of the negative patterns of pain or overwhelm I find myself experiencing.
  • You will come to learn that You are “Awareness”, your own personal brand. That “Awareness” allows for a compassionate detachment from life’s drama, true resilience, an ability to appreciate yourself, and those around you without judgment.
  • These freedoms allow for better decision making, a more mature emotional response to life’s challenges and a greater sense of humor around all that life throws at you.

It is important to note that one of the benefits of psychotherapy versus life coaching is that therapists are able to work with your medical provider or psychiatrist. While medication is not a requirement for healing, it is helpful in assisting people who are suffering from anxiety and depression or worse. Medication can ease the struggle, and allow for a new experience to evolve. It can provide functionality and peace in your your life as you are continuing to heal.

Client Testimonials

Ruth is an amazing woman, she is compassionate, intuitive and follows her heart. Her work is fantastic, it is quick and produces the most amazing results. I highly recommend Ruth and her work. I have worked with her for years on different issues and have always walked away with a new sense of myself and a new perspective on my life. She is wonderful and you must experience her work. She recently helped me move thru a HUGE challenge that could have taken me down for months or even years. Within weeks I am now ready to face this situation and move forward with confidence. There are no words to convey the power of Ruth’s work, you must experience it for yourself. I encourage you to call her today.”

Dear Ruth, I am better, I had HUGE realizations last night about who I thought I was, how I made decisions based on who I thought I wanted to be (everyone except my true self), how I have collected, bought things in excess trying to be someone or something other than myself, I put face scrub on my face and body and scrubbed my old face off in the shower, big changes, you and your work is AMAZING, FANTASTIC, MIRACULOUS!!! I am getting there….slowly, surely and steadily…thank you sooooo much! I love you!

Ruth, your compassionate, gracious and intuitive healing is provided with heart, wisdom and deep insight. I find my experience with you transformative.

For anyone who wishes to align with their true purpose and discover their highest potential, don’t miss the opportunity to work with Ruth.

Whether you are working with a specific area of your life such as career, family, relationships, health or you just wish to open up to what is next on your path, Ruth’s amazing gift of pure presence, awareness and deep understanding will bring light to any situation and open the door for opportunities and miracles.

Mariko Yamamoto, CFS, MPIA, CSC, Senior Feng Shui Consultant, Master Practitioner Interior Alignment, Certified Soul Coach
Ruth facilitated an amazing process with me where we created my future with my ‘deepest heart’s yearning’ for partnership. Her mastery and intuitive correctness is amazing. She is gentle and deeply knowing at what she does. I recommend this process of creating your future with Ruth around any subject. I feel so incredible, hopeful, beautiful and grateful. Thank you Ruth, you are truly a blessing to those you touch.

I just talked to Ruth, she is amazing! I am so grateful to you for passing her name onto me. Wow, she’s really got a gift — totally amazing. I feel so much better, and so much clarity. It was incredible. Thank you. Thank you Thank you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to sit and talk with me. When I left your house I really did feel like a weight had been lifted off of me. You have a very calm and soothing aura about you that makes it very easy to open up too. I am looking forward to listening to the cd all the way through.
I found our discussion and the experiential piece you did with me very transformative. It is wonderfully healing to be immersed in the spiritual realm and to play with how we can bring this to our practical/earthly experience.

I feel lighter with these new ideas inside. I even emailed an old co-worker, who asked how my new life is going. I told her I felt I had landed in the land of possibilities and I meant it. I like possibilities!!

Thank you for sending the copy of our session so quickly! I hope that all is well with you. I definitely have reduced anxiety. I am able to breathe into places that I was having trouble with before. The ‘lid’ on my lungs only appears temporarily but then I am able to relax and breathe into it.
I am still in a state of giddy delight laced with a bit of light seriousness (the responsibility part)after your mega-insightful help! Thanks to you I have restated the “Oh no!” with “Ah, yes!”The “cloud” has dissapated and I the genie is out of the bottle inside. You are an incredibly understated therapist/light-worker with a remarkable gift of deep and expansive perception. I am fortunate to have met you and to have had that session yesterday. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Dr. Quinn Ph.D.
I wanted to thank you again for our session on Saturday. I feel that it helped me out in many ways, and I’ve been in a new skin ever since. Some of the changes, however, have been so profound, and only in the last 24 hours – that it’s been dramatic to say the least.

Thank you for giving me the incite to follow my gut and let go of how I used to measure relationships in the past.

I wanted to get back to you and let you know that this past week has been better….I have let go of some of the guilt and the sense of obligation and am just trying to “love” my mom. I truly appreciate your words and the time you spent with me….it is helping and I will carry that work with me always.
Ruth makes everyone feel heard and understood. Her ability to read between the lines to understand where a person is coming from is phenomenal. She also has a keen ability to teach people to look within themselves for answers, not to the world around them. She has helped me realize things about myself that I never knew existed or possible.
Colette B