Image by Danka & Peter

Helping You Lighten Your Load!

When I began my practice in July 2008, I was opening up to new ways of seeing and being in the world—and I was excited about sharing this with clients.

In August 2008, my life turned upside down and I experienced radical change.

Within four months, from August to November, my mother passed away, my youngest left for college, and my husband left.

Losing all of my familiar roles left me in deep grief—and very unfamiliar territory.

This coming together of growth and loss introduced me to a wisdom I didn’t know I had. It opened my heart. It introduced me the concept that we live our life in two realms, the practical and the profound!

The profound…

In a nutshell, you have a life force.

It makes itself known through your breath. It animates you and me from conception to death.

We only leave our life force behind when we take our last breath. It is never injured or broken in our lifetime.

It breathes in each of us and informs us, if we allow it. While it may seem invisible to us, it lives in the profound elements of life…in our deepest desires, intuitions, insights and joy.

The practical…

We also have our story that is held in our body.

I think of our body as the vehicle that travels the terrain of life…similar to a backpacker.

Our body is the backpack. While we carry our tools and wisdom from the realm of the profound with in our breath/life force, we carry the story of our life in the backpack—our body, our DNA, our family and cultural history.

This can seriously weigh us down and influence the practical ways that we interact with life every day.

We have been taught to identify ourselves with our story and not our life force. We worry about the practical and ignore the profound.

Both are important.

We never really know for sure what the terrain of life will throw at us…just as a backpacker doesn’t always know what is around the bend.

As you become familiar with your inbred wisdom, and understand how the spirit of life wants to support you, you realize you have everything you need to travel the terrain.

You may not know that when we meet for the first time, but I do.

Lighten your load

My job is to help you dump the stuff from your backpack, clear your muscle memory, erase and rewrite the story you carry.

As you let go of your story, your emotional attachments, habits and patterns that you think define you, you lighten your load and you automatically begin to enjoy the beauty of the terrain.

You automatically begin to interact in very practical ways that support you every day.

It is my pleasure and privilege to assist in this process. Please visit my Work With Me page to choose the way in which I will help you lighten your load.