Image by Joshua Coleman

Looking for Your Power?

Are you looking for your power???

Your POWER lives within You!

It is in your Being-ness
It is in your relaxed vulnerability
After you have stripped away the anger, the sadness, your story
The circular thinking
The push to know the answer

Your power lies in restfulness
In your deep quiet and the knowing that arises from that
In a willingness to let things go
To let things come
To let things be

Your power lies in trust
Trust that you belong here
That you have a place
That you are/have a gift, a contribution
In the simple act of Being yourself

Your power lies in your curiosity, your courage
To look inside the dark, hidden, invisible places
To feel without judgment and
To know that those places are not you
Just what you have hidden in your invisible pockets

Your power lies in your innocence and openness
A willingness to see with new eyes, all things
Find new meaning
New ways of defining who you think you are
Openness to infinite possibilities, in all ways

Your power lies in faith, in living in the mystery
Living in questions and allowing answers to come forward
Living in the surrender of not knowing and feeling safe there
Shifting your awareness from what you think
What you think you know – to what you don’t know
And faithfully letting that be the place that a new knowing arises

Your power lies in the awakening of your imagination,
Imagine meeting the silent, invisible “Essence of Being” – “YOU”
That arises from The Field of “All Possibilities”
YOU are waiting for YOU to experience the exquisiteness of this
The creative openness
The infinite possibilities that will arise from this meeting

Your POWER lives within YOU!!!